Travel voucher for the Valencian Community, Questions and Answers


Questions & Answers

IMPORTANT: Registration in two phases:

1. Appointment request (no electronic signature required). Click here

2. Completion of registration (requires electronic certificate and electronic signature). It is necessary to attach a certificate of census registration. Click here

The order of people registered in the Programme is determined by the date of the appointment request (step one).

Programme information

The aim of the Programme is to facilitate, through direct aid, that people of legal age and registered in the Valencian Community make tourist trips.

The periods of enjoyment of the voucher are as follows:

– 17 January 2022 – 31 May 2022

– September 19, 2022 – December 22, 2022

The direct aid will cover 50% of the cost of the eligible services, with a maximum of 400 euros for stays between two and four nights, and 60%, with a maximum of 600 euros, for stays of 5 or more nights.

Once the registration has been completed with the two steps and the documentation has been checked, a permanent place on the waiting list of the Promotional Code will be assigned. This code is the one that allows you to make the reservation, to be formalised by the member company where you have made it, to receive the confirmation of the aid and with it the Voucher that authorises you to make use of the tourist services subsidised by the Programme.

From 10 January, promotional codes will start to be assigned. This will be done successively in each period of use depending on the availability of budgets, so it may be received at a later date.

Once the code has been received, the reservation must be made within 10 working days and it must be done in order to enjoy the tourist services within the same period of use in which the code has been received.

IMPORTANT: only one request can be made per person.

Once a promotional code has been assigned for use of the voucher, the tourist services must be booked to be enjoyed within the period of use in which the promotional code is received.

Customer Service Centre (CAU)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00.

Beneficiaries: 960992778

Attention to member companies: 960992779



– The same travel voucher may not be used for more than one accommodation unit. In the case of hotel establishments, the accommodation unit is a room.
– If the beneficiary of the Promotional Code has a large family certificate and card issued in the Comunitat Valenciana in compliance with the Order of 21 September 2007, of the Department of Social Welfare, he/she may request that two rooms in the same hotel accommodation establishment be included in his/her reservation, and both the hotel accommodation itself and, where applicable, the travel agency, may include it in the reservation made under the CV Travel Voucher Programme. In this case, in the justification of the subsidy, in addition to the documentation already required in the Instruction, a scanned document accrediting the status of large family must be provided.

The Directorate of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana