The most dynamic tourist services on the Costa Blanca

CBT’S Services is a company which has more than 20 years experience in the tourist industry. We offer expert organization of excursions in the region of Valencia and Murcia.
We are experts in all types of excursions, tours for cruises, publicity and special tours for Segways.

Experience and Professionalism

CBT'S is a family business located in Benidorm and since it started its activity in July 2009, it is the biggest Segway company in the Marina Baja region and one of the best performing companies in the whole Alicante white coast. We seek to create a working environment characterised by labour relations that favour professional and personal development, respect the principle of equal opportunities and promote a safe and healthy working environment. Equal opportunities, work life balance and diversity are basic pillars in the management of people.

Aware of our environment.

CBT'S está realmente concienciado en mitigar las consecuencias del cambio climático, ya que afecta directamente al desarrollo de la actividad. Por ello se están instaurando medidas de gestión energética, así como el cálculo de la huella de carbono de esta organización. Con todo esto y en cuanto a su dimensión y estructura, Costa Blanca Tour Services busca alcanzar la excelencia en todas sus actividades, tanto en Segway como excursiones organizadas de todo tipo.

Additional Services

WE HELP ALL AGENCIES, GROUPS, CORPORATES, TTOO AND DMC’s to elaborate their projects, events, excursions, business trips, segway advertising etc, everything related to:

CBTs News

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