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What is a Segway?

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Our tours are made in authentic Segway vehicles.

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What they think about us?

Jason E
What a great tour
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"Great tour that took us from the heart of Benidorm to the top of the hill where the cross is. What a great way to get up the 'mountain' to see the whole of the area.. Our guide was great, and pointed out a number of things on route and the equipment was faultless.... Would definitely recommend this as a must do if you are in the area."
Go on, you’ll love it
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"Booked this last minute as my 18 year old son didn’t seem that keen. I’d been on segways before so convinced him it would be fun. He absolutely loved it. I was so relieved that our trip took us up to Benidorm Cross as I didn’t want to have to walk up there. Neil our guide was very good and had everyone confident about riding the Segways in no time at all. It was a really enjoyable couple of hours. My son can’t wait to go on another segway tour."
Great fun and excellent views
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"Our English guide Neil was friendly and knowledgeable, telling us lots of details we didn’t know about the area. He made sure we had time to get used to the segways before we headed out onto the streets and up into the hills. We got a great view from the top of the hills right down over Benidorm. Great fun and would definitely do it again."
julie S
The highlight of our Summer holiday
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"This trip with Sam(who was wonderful) was the best part of our holiday. We are a family of 4 , 2 adults 2 teenage boys (well 12 and 14) who had never been on segways before. We had a trial go in the Benidorm Circus car park and soon got the hang of it and off we went. We saw the beaches of Benidorm, stopped to take in the beach view, seeing the crowds arriving and then went to the peace up towards the cross up the mountains for an amazing view of Benidorm and Alicante. Absolutely loved it and the booking direct with costablancatour (Emilio) was easy, prompt, friendly with perfect English and we just booked it and paid in euros on the day. If you dont do this on your holiday you will regret it. We loved it and I promise worth the price! Both boys want Sam's job when they are older!!"

What is a Segway?

Like any invention that is ahead of its time, the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is often misunderstood. The pleasant smile that is reflected on the faces of Segway PT users can make you think that it is a simple toy. But make no mistake. Although it is incredibly fun to use a Segway PT, it is a formal means of transportation, designed for today's life.

Travel Autonomy

It can go miles and miles. The Segway PT can take you to places you couldn't get to with a bicycle or car (including the interiors of many warehouses, offices, businesses, airports, elevators and trains). Although ideal for short distances of 8 km or less, the Segway PT can travel up to 38 km on a single battery charge (depending on the terrain, weight carried and driving style).

Easy to use

Thought and action, a single concept. Ride a Segway PT and see how it holds you upright, keeping your balance perfectly. Tilt your body forward, backward, left or right, and LeanSteerTM technology will allow you to slide immediately in the exact direction you want to take and at the exact speed you want. Stand upright and you'll stop smoothly. Segway engineers call it "closed-loop dynamic stability control", you'll just think of it as magic.

100% Balance

Riding a Segway PT will make you feel something you've never experienced before, because there's never been anything like it. Ride and instinctively seek balance, as you would ride any two-wheeled device. But you'll almost immediately realize that the Segway PT finds balance for itself, and it's as if it becomes an extension of yourself. Lean forward a little and you will see that the Segway PT moves only in response to your movement.


Do you remember a dream in which you felt like you could fly? With the Segway PT you will feel freedom, euphoria and confidence. You have the feeling that the ground is moving beneath you, but without touching it. It's like floating above the ground. It gives you the feeling of power and speed, you also feel a sense of absolute control. Everything feels natural and instinctive. That's what it feels like to ride the Segway PT.

Be careful!

Nowadays almost everything is copied. Be careful if someone offers you a Segway Tour. Make sure that they provide you with an authentic Segway and not an imitation, with the consequent risk that this could cause you.