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Cartagena Segway Tour (Spain)

Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantinians, Moors, Christians…

Accompany us to get to know in Segway some of this epic history. Find out why Cartagena was a crossroad of cultures and one of the most important cities in the ancient ages, by visiting the exciting centres and museums that will give you and entertaining insight through its nearly 3.000 years of history.

Rome being the prevailing empire from the 3rd century BC on in this area, you will find varied remains of roman colonization, such as the magnificent remains of the Roman theatre, discovered by sheer chance only 30 years ago and in constant restoration with the process of amplifying and bettering.

People with a weigh between 38 Kg (5 stones) and 120 Kg (18 stones). And people with physical condition equivalent to ride a bike.




Price and features

Cartagena Segway Tour (Spain)

49 Person
  • Duration: 2 Hours approx.
  • Check availability
  • Private-Tour with professional guide
  • Segway Training course
  • Equipment of modern radio headsets “whispers”
  • Entrance to Roman Theatre not included: 6€ (Optional)
  • Insurances

Cartagena Segway Tour (Spain)

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