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A Journey in Time. – Alicante


Is it possible to travel back in time in the city of Alicante?

Yes, with Costa Blanca Tour services and Official Tourist Guides of the Valencian Region.

If you have a group, or you are a small group of friends or family and wish to know Alicante in an original, cultural and fun walking tour, then call us and you will not regret it.

Hand in hand with our colleagues, Official Guides of the regions of Valencia and Murcia, we will show you our cities in a way that when you finish our experience you will desire to return again. But beware, because we create addiction in our guided tours, you will return!

In the city of Alicante, we will start our visit from the oldest part. At the top of the hill that gives the original name to the city, “Akra Leuka” called by the Greeks.” Lucentum” by the Romans, “Lakant” by the Arabs, “Al-Lakant” by the Almoravids, “Alicante” by the Christians. And the location of the Castle of Santa Barbara.

We will travel in time around 2400 years ago. We will enter the time of the Carthaginians, Romans, Christians, Arabs and again Christians.

We will go down the slope and travel in time through the old Muslim Medina. Neighbourhoods, nowadays charming to discover, narrow streets with a great colouring of flowers and curious flowerpots hanging from their picturesque houses.

We will rest of the “trip in the time” doing a stop in one of its charming and small bars to recharge our batteries and to continue the journey,

We will enter the middle of the 13th century, when the Christians reconquer the city. We will walk through its narrow streets. We will make some stops to see its remains and past vestiges, such as water tanks to supply the city with this precious liquid. Its churches and medieval buildings, its museums…

We will enter the 18th century where we will see the town hall with the statue of the famous painter and sculptor Salvador Dalí. Its entrance staircase with the first step, considered by the National Geographic Institute as the level zero, base of the leveling of the altitude of the Spanish territory.

And finally, we will wake up from the traveler’s dream in our time: The current and modern Alicante, with its port, avenues, promenade of the palms (Explanada), and to finish the trip and recover energies, an authentic Horchata (tigernut milk) typical of Alicante, the national drink of the Valencian Community for centuries … but recently “discovered” by an English company as “vegan milk”.