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Alicante and Castle fortress Santa Barbara

Mediterranean Fortress

Alicante has one of the best fortresses in Europe. The Castle of Santa Barbara is located on the Benacantil mountain, with spectacular views and at an altitude of 166 meters above sea level, which gave it an enormous strategic value. From there you can see the whole bay of Alicante and its surroundings.On its slopes have been found archaeological remains from the Bronze Age, Iberian and Roman times. Although the origin of the current fortress must be sought at the end of the ninth century with the Muslim domination. In the vicinity of the slopes of Mount Benacantil we will find an extraordinary atmosphere of great popularity. A modern and cosmopolitan city, known as El Barrio, which keeps secrets that may surprise the visitor as a typical corner and haven of peace where the clock seems to have stopped in time.Finally, the beautiful esplanade of Spain, bordered by palm trees, ideal for taking the specialty introduced by the Arabs the “Horchata”.

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Alicante and Castle fortress Santa Barbara

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Only Professional guide

170 group (+VAT)
  • 4,15 hours
  • Contact us for details
  • Local drink 'Horchata': 2,50 €

Professional Guide with a 7 seater car

270 group (+VAT)
  • 4,15 Hours
  • 7 seater car
  • Local drink 'Horchata': 2,50 €

Professional Guide + Minibus 19 seater

350€ group (+VAT)
  • 4,15 Hours
  • Minibus 19 seater
  • Local drink 'Horchata': 2,50 €

Professional Guide + Bus 54 seater

395 group (+VAT)
  • 4,15 Hours
  • Bus 54 seater
  • Local drink 'Horchata': 2,50 €